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Shape New Standards


  • TALOS + Product Risk Management

    After the financial crisis regulators around the globe issued numerous new rules to protect investors. Main reason was to ensure that characteristics and risks of financial products are transparent and unambiguously communicated to clients by financial institutions. The risk of investing in a certain financial product (product risk) is usually calculated based on its market, credit and liquidity risk. While underestimating product risk can entail compliance issues, at the same time an overly risk-averse assessment of product risk can lead to a limited product offering and lost business opportunities.
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  • TALOS + Kostentransparenz unter FIDLEG und MiFID II

    Nach erfolgreicher Umsetzung von MiFID II könnten Schweizer Finanzdienstleister auf die Idee kommen, dass es keine weitere Notwendigkeit gibt über eine zusätzliche FIDLEG Implementierung nachzudenken. Diese Betrachtung mag auf den ersten Blick pragmatisch erscheinen. Warum es sich dennoch lohnt, die FIDLEG-Regeln separat zu implementieren, beleuchten wir in diesem Artikel.

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  • TALOS + Successfully Managing Remediation Projects

    In the aftermath of the 2008 allegations against UBS for marketing tax evasion strategies to US citizens, the Swiss banking industry was hit by an avalanche of legal allegations resulting in the initiation of several regulatory remediation projects. To date, the US tax dispute alone resulted in fines of over USD 4 billion and equally high fees paid to lawyers and auditing firms. This publication carves out our key lessons learned and proposes solutions for better managing your remediation project. Continue reading and learn how TALOS can help your bank in successfully managing complex remediation projects.

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  • TALOS + Human Potential

    Swiss bank's missing ingredient in attracting future employees. When asked for which company they would like to work, business students in Switzerland ranked UBS and Credit Suisse in places 2 and 4 in 2018. Not the financial crisis, not the unfavorable media coverage, not even Christian Bale and Brad Pitt in The Big Short put a dent in the reputation and prestige of Swiss banks as attractive employers.

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Shape New Standards

At TALOS Management Consultants, we do not just do ‘standard’ consulting skillfully. We shape and refine new standards — continuously examining current practices, enhancing them and evolving them.

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You strive to apply your ideas and skills in an open and dynamic environment? Welcome to TALOS! We look forward to discussing your opportunities within our company.

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