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At TALOS Management Consultants, we do not just do ‘standard’ consulting skillfully. We shape and refine new standards – also in promoting knowledge. The TALOS academy underlines our core proposition to both internal and external stakeholders. Whether you want to attend one of our next events, read our articles and expand your knowledge or if you are looking for specialized support to tackle the issues at hand – TALOS Academy is your preferred starting point.

Find Out More

  • Come and join us at our digiTALOS roundtables where we bring together industry leaders and subject matter experts to share experiences and spread knowledge. Our roundtables are moderated by one of our partners and are designed to foster in-depth discussions and deliver actionable insights. They are also the perfect occasion to expand your network. If you plan on attending any fairs or conferences please come by and get to know us better.

  • At TALOS we think of our clients as our partners with whom we like to share and promote knowledge. Access our articles and point of views to keep up with industry and regulatory trends. Gain relevant hands-on insights on how to address current challenges and make more educated business decisions.

  • Enabling growth, streamlining processes, understanding new regulations, and navigating through transformation and changes are integral part of our core expertise. With our tailor-made workshops, we help you face your challenges efficiently by providing you with the right tools and knowledge required within the shortest time. Profit from our hands-on experience and let us share with you our lessons learned. Let's thrive together.

  • Fairs and Conferences

  • digiTALOS Roundtables

  • Articles

  • Tailor-made Workshops

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